What's The Best Flooring For Your Laundry Room?

September 17th, 2018

Most homes here in Hayward, CA are going to have laundry machines installed somewhere. After all, why resign yourself to packing your laundry away and walking or driving down to a laundromat to get your clothes cleaned when you now have the space to do it in the comfort and convenience of your own home?

But there’s one thing all Hayward, CA homeowners need to take into account when getting laundry machines, and that’s the floor on which those laundry machines will sit. You may have a dedicated laundry room, or decide to just put the machines in the basement, but regardless of which decision you make, you should think about the type of floor that best stands up to the activity going on here. And you have a lot of options about where this room and floor should go!


The look of stone, and more importantly, the durability and traction, all make the stone a great consideration for your laundry room. Stone is not going to get damaged by water the way other surfaces like hardwood might. And the texture of stone means that you’ve got the traction you need, even when wet, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

However, stone, while a great choice, that looks striking, is also not cheap. So while it gets the job done and can look amazing, it’s the more expensive choice, and you should factor that into your decision making if budget is a consideration.


This is another very good choice for people looking for a mix of aesthetics and functionality. Ceramic tile can give you a variety of different looks for the flooring of your laundry room, but at the same time is a cheaper solution compared to stone, while still providing a lot of stone’s benefits. It’s solid, durable, can provide traction, and most importantly, is resistant to water, the same way stone is.

Like stone, there’s a bit of work involved in making sure the ceramic is properly prepared for an environment where more water may potentially be present. But it can provide you with a lot of satisfaction and years of reliability when done right.


This is a great, highly recommended choice for laundry rooms for a lot of reasons, including the overall rise in popularity of vinyl flooring in general. Vinyl is the cheapest option of the three that we’re offering, but despite that offers the best overall value. Vinyl is durable, flexible, and almost completely resistant to water.

Vinyl doesn’t chip the way stone or ceramic potentially can, and is available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Best of all, there’s no chance of staining, which is something that is sometimes a risk with both stone and ceramic surfaces, depending on which chemicals interact with the material.

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