What's The Best Flooring For Kids' Rooms?

July 11th, 2018

If you’re thinking of starting a family right here in Hayward, CA, then you’ve got a whole new set of considerations to factor into your life going forward. It’s not just you and your spouse anymore, there’s going to be a child to think about, and a child is going to have some very intense, demanding needs as time passes.

One of the areas that you might not think about having any special needs is flooring. But if you stop and think about it, this can actually be an important part of home safety, especially when you consider the statistic for accidents with children not just in Hayward, CA, but throughout the country. So what types of flooring are good for children?

Laminate Flooring

For people who are concerned with impacts, laminate flooring is a great choice for child safety. The reason for this is very clear; it is a soft and flexible flooring choice. If you take something like a mug, or a drinking glass and drop it on a stone or ceramic tile floor, for example, it will shatter.

However, drop that same item on laminate flooring, and there’s a chance that, depending on the impact, there won’t be any shattering. That’s because of the material and flexibility characteristics of laminate make it much friendlier for absorbing shock, which can be an important factor in the life of a child at earlier ages when injury from falling is a common risk.


Cork is a step up from laminate flooring in terms of cost, but you also get more quality, and more control over how it looks, from wood to stone-like appearances. However, you still get the softness for the floor, and the warmth in terms of temperature. Both of these are good from a safety and a comfort standpoint; especially if you’re going to be spending some time on the floor yourself, playing your child or children.

This is definitely a good choice for people that are thinking long-term. If you want a floor that is safe but will look good and continue to function as a great surface once your children get older. Cork fulfills these requirements very well.


This is one of the most popular choices in terms of comfort and safety. Nothing is going to protect a child more from a fall than carpet, and nothing is going to feel as comfortable or as warm. Of course, carpet, while doing a great job functionally, does come with a few drawbacks. In terms of maintenance, you’ve got more to contend with. In addition to vacuuming the carpet to keep it clean, this is going to stain quite easily—and even permanently—without proper care. Accidents with pets, drinks, or other liquids can be problematic.

Make The Right Choice

Your home will have different flooring needs based on your family situation and personal preferences, but if you live in Hayward, CA, we can help. Contact us with your questions and concerns for a floor that’s good for your children and home. We can find the solution you need.