Could Cleaning Bring New Life Into Your Hardwood Floors?

November 19th, 2018

Hardwood floors are truly built to last forever. In some historic homes, you’ll see original hardwood floors that have been standing (or laying) strong for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, some of these floors also look like they’ve been surviving for a lifetime or more, and homeowners are left scratching their heads trying to figure out what they should do next to restore the floor’s original luster.  

 When a carpeted floor is looking dingy or old, what does a homeowner do? They call a professional carpet cleaning service to spruce up old carpeting and leave it looking as close to new as possible again. So, what’s the option for hardwood flooring?  

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Is The Alternative To Refinishing  

 Hardwood floor cleaning does the same for restoring beauty as carpet cleaning does for carpeted areas. While many homeowners may think that only a full refinishing can be done to restore hardwood floors, this simply isn’t the case, and in some instances all you really require is a deep cleanse to clean the grime away. Years of built-up dirt, dust, and blemishes can really take a toll on the look of your flooring, and it doesn’t require a full refinish to get rid of it all.  

It’s important to trust only a professional hardwood cleaning service in deep cleaning your hardwood floors. It’s professional experience that will ensure hardwood floors aren’t scratched or otherwise damaged in the process of deep cleaning, and you’re left with the refined luster you want instead of taking on unnecessary permanent damage. Using finish-friendly cleaning materials, you don’t even need to worry about your finish being affected.  

While deep cleaning will take away built-up debris, it won’t take away deep gouges or scratches in your hardwood floors. Deep cleaning only takes care of the cleaning element, and if your flooring requires further repairs to get your desired result, it may simply not be enough to opt for cleaning instead of a full refinish.  

 Because deep cleaning is safe for hardwood floors and all finishes, it can be carried out as often as you’d like. You don’t need to time your hardwood floor deep cleaning sessions around the holidays or when you want your floors looking particularly good, and you can opt for a deep cleaning once per season or more if you’d like to. Hardwood flooring cleaning is also quick, and you won’t need to wait hours for your floors to dry as one would with a carpet cleaning session.  

The Safe And Quick Hardwood Flooring Solution  

A hardwood floor deep cleaning takes just around an hour, and as soon as it’s done you can enjoy your space again without worrying about damaging the result or breathing in tough fumes. With no residue, no need to move your furniture around, and no exposure to toxic chemicals, you can get your beautiful hardwood floors back in the time it takes to run a couple of simple daily errands.